Frequently Asked Questions – Photographers

What should I photograph:
Everything that’s legally photographable + sellable.  Have fun, that’s why you became a photographer in the first place, right?
Don’t stop shooting everything you did yesterday, that’s why we wanted to syndicate your work.
We’re always interested in creating a bigger better production.
Get macro close, get far away, get an aerial shot, basically all angels /perspectives if possible (or best).
We’re interested in a tight edit of images that are tack sharp (eyelashes sharp at 100%) + correctly exposed with strong composition.

Send in editorial (news & event) content IMMEDIATELY ideally live on-site, just a few images to get up selling a placeholder image is crucial & try to be the first one upload while the celebrity is still on the carpet if it’s a carpet or the band is starting their 2nd song if its a concert.  Bring a laptop and if no wifi, possibly use your phone as hotspot, be innovative.
(2 hours is the new too late for news sales, it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to find and name 5-10 photos.)
Email “editors” for all event (carpet, concert, sports) request prior.

Social Media:
Social Media during events is allowed. Please tag, #ThePhotoAccess, @ThePhotoAccess or email images with your social media and we will give you credit on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram.  ALWAYS WATERMARK IMAGES and say “Photo © Your Name/The Photo Access.” News outlets legally embed social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc) images for free, so do not let them. A watermark + © notification + outlet will generally discourage a free embed usage.
(Photographer may use images on personal portfolio if there’s no additional restrictions on images. Highly recommended to copyright all image, watermark all images + have metadata on all images.  Image theft is at an all time high with Instagram & Google.)

The Photo Access pays photographers/contributors a percentage of image license as stated in syndication contract.
The Photo Access licenses content to editorial & commercial customers around the world + work with a variety of clientele and partners.
Can you pay for my gas, food, parking & hotel? Unfortunately no, if not offered, please don’t ask.

What Sells:
You never know what’s going to sell (and why photographers don’t stop taking pictures).  Yes we have a good idea, but it’s also predicting the future.  We recommend photographers start with a collection of 1,000 – 10,000+ images, and constantly submit new work (and don’t quite your day job).  Take 30 great new shots a day for a year (365 days) you’ll have 10,950 images, do it for 10 years part time work, you’ll have a collection more than 100,000 images.
Realistic creative composites like Ralph Clevenger’s “Iceberg” image (one of the highest selling stock images of all time) and model released conceptual portraits are genres of content that generate a lot of income in the industry because they are exclusive + commercially viable.
Red Carpets, Concerts, Sports, etc are editorial images & generally less exclusive which in turn effects sales.
Being the first to upload editorial content opens the door to news sales opportunities + long term sales possibilities.
An exclusive image of A-List celebrity getting married might be “a million dollar shot” vs Taylor Swift on the red carpet or at a concert (hundreds of thousands of images of her already, but keywords help clients find what their looking for and are key) and Taylor will most likely sell more than a photo of a Z-List unless they become famous overnight and there’s only 100 images out there.  Additionally a photo of your kid, dad, best friend if it’s model released and commercially viable may also be worth something.

Yes, photographer (or copyright owner) retains copyright (unless a buyout is agreed or work for hire).  We encourage clients to use photographer byline / The Photo Access.
Copyright owner (photographer) should register / update all your images with the US Copyright Office.

Anyone can price a desired license on a single image to get an estimate of pricing/sales click purchase:
There is not a standard price for images licensed with our syndication partners and their sub-partners / affiliates.  Images are generally licensed by pixel size, so important to not reduce pixels.

Model Release:
If you don’t have a personal model release, you can use ours and have your model sign online:

What’s Required:
All we ask is you submit images, be respectful, reply to our emails promptly, communicate with your editor if you really can’t make an event we credentialed, show up on time/ stay til the end, have working equipment, take sharp, proper exposed & composed images, get the “money shot”, add metadata & submit news images timely.  If you have a question ask.

Image Size/Quality:
We’re interested in full size images (at least 4 megapixels).  Images can be cropped for aesthetic reason.
Editorial: Highest quality jpeg (or for news 2mb)
Commercial/Advertising: Tiff

Lightroom Plugin to export images at required quality:

Place image folder in correct usage rights folder.  Always email editors with image count + restrictions.
Please upload test image ASAP if your a new contributor.
Go to for more information.

Double check all image Metadata + Keywords before uploading.
Go to for more info.

File Name:

We’re experiencing a new issue with multiple partners where their systems aren’t able to identify duplicate file names and an additional issue if names are longer than 16 characters in some cases.  We suggest adding in Lightroom your initials + date and keep original file name i.e.: a file name DSC0001.jpg will be JRM030117DSC0001.jpg (the 030117 is March 1, 2017)

Whose In My Photo:
Check out, a fast great way to name your celebrity images.

Common Sense:
Be professional, always have a backup plan for when your car, camera fail and everything goes wrong when you have an assignment.
Britney Spears is coming to town, how can I photograph her? 3+ other people probably will apply from our agency and your city… Would her strict publicist approve you off your website portfolio/published tearsheets?  Have you covered numerous concerts prior + proven your the go to photographer in the area and doing perfect image submissions (on time, tack sharp + correctly named)?  Do you have an a guarantee outlet we can tether the assignment?
Just because The Photo Access has someone else credentialed for an event doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still try to get a magazine/newspaper/online assignment with a 1-3 week, first publish or no embargo period (whatever you agree) or even photos in the crowd (A-List sometimes show more love to their fans).
Please read all emails / communication thoroughly. Ask google for easy GOOGLE answers i.e.. what time does the concert start, where is the concert or possibly call the box office.
Sound professional, intelligent and kindly get to the point.
If you don’t answer editors questions, have an attitude, ruin relationships with publicist, don’t show up, don’t send in content timely, don’t name metadata correctly and/or send in a bunch of out of focus photos and conduct business in a manner unbecoming will you still work with me? NO…

Apply Now:
If you’d like to apply to be a contributor with The Photo Access™, here’s the link –

Syndication Contract:
If you’d like to review the contributor syndication contract (password required):